2021 Joint Solid Waste Management & Recycling Conference Presentations

View the 2021 Joint Conference Agenda


SWANA Safety Update


Don’t Trash MS

E-Waste – What Does the Future Look Like

Advantages of Automation

Addressing Litter Through a Multifaceted Extension Program

Restoration and Maintenance of Leachate Collection Systems with Chemical Cleaning

Technology Tools

Automated vs. Manual Garbage Collection

Special Waste Manifests – What You Need to Know…

Household Hazardous Waste

Underground Injection Control as a Leachate Solution

Crystal Springs Recycling Program

HCUA Recycling Program

Scrap Metal – What You Need to Know

What Needs to Happen to Achieve More Curbside Programs in MS

SWANA ARF – Reducing Contamination in Curbside Recycling Programs

The Real Cost of Inaccuracy in Waste and Recycling

Ethics in Government








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