Download a scholarship application. (You may also download a scholarship sponsor application.)

Mississippi SWANA will award, as the Board of Directors advises, academic scholarships annually to students attending Mississippi institutions of higher learning and pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Scholarship levels will be selected by the SWANA Board of Directors after recommendation by the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarships are open to any student who meet the following requirements:

  1. Incoming freshmen must have a minimum ACT score of 16, and must submit a Letter of Acceptance from the institution.
  2. Students (excluding incoming freshman) shall maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in collegiate courses to be eligible for the scholarship.
  3. Applications shall be submitted to the Scholarship Committee by the date selected by the committee. The scholarships will be awarded no later than the chapter’s April meeting.
  4. The student must be the child of a Mississippi SWANA member, or be sponsored by a Member. Each member will be allowed to submit only one child per year except under special circumstances.
  5. Students must be enrolled full time as defined by the institution.

The scholarship will be paid directly to the student after submission of a certificate showing full time enrollment.

Any past scholarship applicants may reapply for the scholarship as long as they continue to meet the qualifications. An applicant’s previous receipt of this scholarship will not influence subsequent awards.

The school selected by the student may be a public or private college, university, junior college, community college or vocational – technical school located within the state of Mississippi. Awards of scholarships to the child of a MS SWANA member may be made even if an out of state school is selected if so recommended by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

To be considered eligible, the applicant must fully complete the scholarship application, and submit all required attachments.