Fall 2023 Conference Presentations

Special thanks to all our conference speakers! Copies of the presentations from the Fall 2023 MS SWANA Conference sessions are available below. If you have any topics on which you’d like to either hear or present at a future conference, please let us know at ContactUs@msswana.org.

View the Agenda Here

SWANA Safety Updates – Amberlyn Liles

Landfill Safety – Amberlyn Liles

PFAS Regulatory Update – Richard Harrell

Don’t Trash MS Campaign – Connie McMullen

The Real Cost of Inaccuracy in Waste & Recycling – Scott Barron

Understanding Strength Versus Stability in Landfill Soils For Engineering Designs – Oliver Taylor

Direct Removal of PFAS from Raw Leachate via Foam Fractionation – Brad Granley

Landfill Permitting Outside the Box – Jeff Breedlove

Fire & Life Safety in Municipal Solid Waste – Dan Rhodes

Introduction to the Sustainable Home Program – Sherry Surrette

Leachate Evaporation – Cost and Emissions Minimization – Kent Jensen

Meeting Density Goals – Clay Layne

SWANA National and Region 4 Updates – Mike Thornton

Cost-Benefit Analysis Between Source Separated Organic Material for Composting and Landfill Gas Collection System for an RNG Plant – JSU Design Team

Environmental Sampling at Landfills – Walter Huff

Ethics Training- Kate Victor

Fleet Maintenance – JM Wood Auction Company

Waste Tire Management Updates – Charlie Bock

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